Massage Services


One Hour: $65.00 90 minutes: $95.00

This classic massage utilizes long, kneading strokes aimed at creating a sense of balance and well-being. It is designed ultimately for relaxation and involves light to moderate pressure.

Deep Tissue

One Hour: $70.00 90 minutes: $100.00

The deep tissue massage is firm, more directed pressure, with deeper techniques that help relieve stress on areas of chronic pain, or overworked and tight muscles. As a part of your session we will discuss problem areas that require extra attention in order to create a customized massage to work on those specific muscle groups.


One Hour: $70.00

A zone art therapy and ancient healing technique that focuses on various pressure points in the hands and feet where your nerve endings are trusted to correspond to various organs in the body.  This treatment begins with a soothing, scented footbath customized with essential oils followed by exfoliation and warm towels.

Energy Balance

One Hour: $65.00 90 minutes: $95.00

This blissful, relaxing experience combines Swedish Massage techniques with polarity, crystal layout work, chakra, and aura cleansing. It is aimed at promoting a balance within your mind, body, and soul, harmonizing positive energies throughout your body, and ridding any negative energy that may manifest as a physical ailment.


One Hour: $65.00 90 minutes: $95.00

Relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and promote a better sense of well being with this massage specifically designed for mothers-to-be. This massage involves a variation of numerous modalities of massage. Pillows will be strategically placed to assist in comfort throughout the massage.

Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage

90 minutes: $110.00

This treatment combines a footbath, aromatic oils to soothe and renew, various modalities of massage, and heated stones that alleviate pain and melt away muscle tension. This massage will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, from restoring a balance in your body and clearing of toxins.

Cupping and Scraping

One hour: $70

90 minutes: $100

Cupping and scraping are traditional therapies that give the body a pathway to release stagnation and improve circulation. They are controlled methods of bringing movement and healing back to specific areas. These healing arts are dispersing therapies that focus on working through the layers of our bodies to make space for ridding them of tension, toxins, and pathogens. Massage is done beforehand to target specific areas of stagnation and they allow for each of these processes to be more effective. Glass cups, a good quality ceramic spoon, or other "gua sha"/scraping therapy tools are used in performing cupping and scraping. Cupping and scraping therapy sessions are tailored to each individuals comfort level.
** Please note: Cupping and scraping is not for everyone and may not be recommended depending on each individual's conditions and needs.

Monthly Massage Membership

Any One Hour: $60/month

Any 90 minute: $90/month

Encourages you to experience all of the benefits of having a regular massage in your life! The advantages of indulging in regular massage treatments include: pain management, increased physical performance, enhanced muscle tone, improved recovery time, flexibility and range of motion, strengthened immune system, reduced blood pressure, and continuity of stress reduction. (BONUS: Additional massages purchased during the month would be at the same monthly massage membership rate as well!)

Add a little something extra...

Aromatherapy, Foot/Hand soak, foot/hand scrub (Salt or sugar), and hot towels may be added to any treatment for an additional $5 each as well